Friday, April 26, 2013

Your peace is a melody..

I just want to be still and know that you are God. I want to make my mind stop. I want to be completely submersed by your presence. My soul longs for the day where all I know is you; all I want is you. To be on my face before you is what I want to desire most, but it seems my mind can't quit. The moments with you now are brief, but I can't wait until they are everlasting. I only know you in part but I want to know you fully. My soul knows that this is not home, but it is where I must be. You have put in me a desire to know you deeper, but I can only get so close while I am still here. When you come, my soul will finally feel complete. When I see you face to face I will know I am where I belong. I feel you so faintly now and even that is more than I can understand. My mind cannot contain you. My soul longs to know you. Jesus, I am here waiting but I cannot make it on my own, I need you. My desire is you, and I will delight in that until you bring home. Your peace is a melody, please sing it over me now.

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