Friday, October 5, 2012


Do you ever just need some coffee? I know I do, coffee is something that always makes me feel better. In the mornings when I first wake up and am getting ready for work, coffee is on the brain. I think I might drink it a little too much because when I don't have it, I then NEED it or else I get headaches. Isn't it funny how much a lot of us rely on coffee? As I was doing my morning routine this morning and I thought of turning on my Keurig, it hit me! Why on earth do I think of coffee to wake me up instead of my God? I catch myself all the time saying "man I could use a cup of coffee" how often do I instead think "man I could use some Jesus." I mean seriously, I turn to coffee to wake me up, or make me feel better instead of my Lord and Savior who is stronger than any cup of coffee I have ever had. It just really made me think this morning as I made my usual cup of joe. Why not get on my knees and start the day praising my father in heaven to make me feel more alive or rejuvenated? I don't know if you drink coffee as much as I do, but I just thought I would share what the Lord is teaching me and how I should rely on him more.

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  1. Wow! that was so inspiring.Sometimes I do forget that I should rely on God for my everything.