Thursday, August 22, 2013

She had trouble trusting men...

This one goes out to the girls who have a hard time finding their worth in Christ, but instead try and find it in earthly men, or anything else that might give limited fulfillment. I will just jump right into it, the problem with this is that when we try and find our worth in an earthy man instead of our savior we will surely realize that we aren't worth much. See all humans are nothing aside from Christ. Just haughty people that deserve nothing but death. I feel like it is safe to say that even women who do find that Godly man sometimes struggle with trying to find their worth in him instead of Christ. I think as women we try hard to please the opposite sex whether it be with our looks, actions, words, whatever it takes. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't bad to be attractive to men, but when you start trying to do nothing but attract them then there is a problem. You start to feel as if you are lesser of a person if a man isn't attracted to you. Sometimes we go as far as giving up pieces of ourselves that no man but our husband should receive in order to feel attractive loved or accepted. When we search for acceptance in this way, we might receive it but behind closed doors when we really sit and think about it our souls long for more, peace from the war. This is where our precious savior steps in, He is there to give us joy and fulfillment. See Jesus himself tells us that He is sufficient for us. Why do we have such a hard time accepting this truth? He is constantly searching for us, He wants us to give Him our heart, willingly. How often do we try to seek this fulfillment in other things? Especially men. I think as a woman who is seeking the Lord, this has been a painful lesson I have had to learn. I have been so silly with what I try and find my worth in that I now struggle with trusting men, any man no matter how much they love the Lord. Really it has been a struggle to trust people in general. For a long time I have built up walls upon walls trying to keep everybody out so that I never have to experience heartache again. I liked to use the excuse that I just wanted to "strengthen my relationship with the Lord" instead of having a relationship with a man, but really I have just been scared to let a man even get close to me. But since I have been building a relationship with Christ, I am starting to realize that it is okay to allow myself to be friends with the opposite sex, as long as they never get put before Him. I now know that there is a distinct difference between "guarding your heart" and cutting it completely off from the world. It is so important to know that when our worth is found in Christ above all else, we truly can embrace the world with a loving and open heart, not one that is constantly fleeing from anything that will hurt us. Guard your heart ladies, but make sure that heart is found in Christ's hands, not in your own, or the hands of an earthly man.

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